Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ready...Set...It's Almost GO time!

Lily Grace and I spent the entire day today at the hospital
for her pre-operation check-up.

Lily took off all of her own EKG stickers.

"Ewwwww Momma, these are sticky!"

Lily HATES being dirty or sticky...
this was really freaking her out!

Lily listened to her heart,
and charmed every single person she met.

Lily saw fish for the very first time.  
Well, I am guessing it was her first time because
she was quite scared of them at first.  And then she started
doing exactly what she does to our dog Moose whenever he is within
her sight.  She yelled to the fish, "Fish, sit down!"

Lily even learned how to make "fish lips" today!

Even though the day was long and at times scary for Lily
and at times scary for Momma, we both
thoroughly enjoyed each other's company along the way.

We laughed, hugged, gave kisses, ate ice cream, decorated 
our entire bodies with stickers, held hands, popped bubbles
and prayed together A LOT!

Tomorrow, Friday, July 13th is "the" day.
I can hardly believe that this day is almost here.

Lily's open heart surgery will begin at 7:30am.
Stay tuned as we continue on our journey
to mend Lily's broken heart!

As for you, I'll come with healing, curing the incurable, 
Because they all gave up on you and dismissed you as hopeless
-that good-for-nothing Zion.'" (Jeremiah 30:17 MSG)


  1. We are praying sweet princess!

  2. Thinking and praying for Liliy and your family today. Our little girl is from Hohhot SWI as well. From one IM momma to another, I send my love.

    Emily in Canada