Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 7 - Wagon Ride #2

As horrible as this may sound, the best thing for a collapsed lung is lots of movement.  Poor Lily could not have disagreed more as we loaded her up into her second wagon ride.  The part that most breaks my heart is that a wagon ride is supposed to be fun.  The nurses told me that they have never seen a toddler so sad while being pulled around in the wagon.  Lily also has over 6 lbs of extra fluid that they have pumped into her body when she went into heart failure the other morning.  Her eyes are so swollen that she can barely see.  Even so, Lily decided to look down and pout during her ride perhaps with the hope that we would get the point and not torture her again tomorrow.


  1. I'm so sorry that Lily is hurting and miserable right now. Many, many prayers that "joy comes in the morning" and you all have a restful night.

  2. This has to be so difficult for you. I pray Lily gets some relief from her pain and that her lung expands. I pray also for you- to have your strength, energy, and hope renewed minute by minute from the inexhaustible fountain of our Savior.

  3. Oh sweet princess I just want to scoop you up! But I am also so proud of your mommy for making you do things you hate which will make you better!

  4. God is in control, he is holding her in his arms and carrying her. Trust him and he will carry you. She is beautiful and I am sorry she is in discomfort right now. Love and prayers