Once Upon A Prayer

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mighty Mack - Ear Update

I apologize for not updating the blog more often on Mackenzie's ears, and as my aunt reminded me yesterday in an email that not everyone is on Facebook.  Gasp!

My mom, Mimi, went with Mackenzie and I to her ENT appointment yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately, Mackenzie's left ear has shown no improvement over the past 7 weeks.  The doctor used the microscope and carefully removed half of the infected polyp in Mackenzie's left ear.  He then used the vacuum to suction out the loose pieces of polyp, as well as the infection that he could reach.  Her ear was then filled with an ointment that has a high likelihood of damaging her hearing.  Please join us in prayer that no damage will occur!

Mighty Mack was AMAZING!  I know, no surprise there.

The nurse held her head still, I held her left arm and leg while my mom held her right arm and leg.  About halfway through the procedure, Mackenzie began quietly wincing and wiggling from pain.  She reached for my face, and as soon as I brought my face down to her hand, she held my face and all was well.  No tears, no screaming, just complete bravery throughout the entire procedure.

Toward the very end, Mackenzie was getting quite restless.  Then all of a sudden she did it.  Little girl blew some gas that nearly cleared us all out of the room.  My mom and I were unfortunately on the  receiving end...P...H...E...W!!!!

Can you even believe that someone so sweet could smell so foul?

The polyp was sent off to be analyzed so that we can see if we are still dealing with the same three resistant strains of bacteria.  Next Thursday Papa will return with Mackenzie (Momma will be at Children's all day with Lily for her pre-op appointment) to see if by removing half of the polyp the ointment and ear drops are able to fight off the infection better.  We will start Mackenzie on Tobradex, which is another type of eye drops that we can put in her ears.  These drops also contain steroids, so Momma is hoping that this does not turn our sweet girl into a meanie.

The ENT has now involved a Pediatric Infectious Disease doctor in Mackenzie's treatment plan.  If the infection is still running rampant next week, we begin meeting with the Infectious Disease doctor as well.  Mackenzie's ENT continues to say that the bacteria and infection in Mackenzie's ear is by far the worse case he has ever seen.  Bleh!

Even though the news at the doctor was not what we were hoping or praying for, the best news of all is that Mackenzie is coming out of her shell more and more everyday!


  1. She is adorable!! Praying for complete healing!!!

  2. Mackenzie is amazing. Through it all, she continued to smile. She would wince, Emily would touch her face and then she would smile. The gas Emily mentioned, was HORRENDOUS. At the moment, all I could think of is how a skunk protect itself. The stuff suctioned out of her ear was nasty. The biopsies sent will hopefully show what can be done other than surgery. Mackenzie is one brave little trooper.

  3. Thanks for the update, girlie! I so adore that final picture! She's such a little pistol and she'd have to be to survive the rigors living where she lived! **Hugs**

  4. Thanks for the update Em! I love hearing about all your girls.