Once Upon A Prayer

Monday, July 23, 2012

Miracle #3 - Lily's 3rd Birthday!

God answers prayers in BIG and MIGHTY ways!

Lily and her favorite nurse, Miss Casey, cuddling
while Momma went to get the birthday girl
ice cream for breakfast.

Even Lily's TV wished her a Happy Birthday!

 Lily showing her bunny Abigail how beautiful
she looked in Lily's compact mirror.

Getting ready for her big day...

Look who came to celebrate Lily's birthday!

 A bed full of love and hope.

At first, Lily was really happy to see her sisters.
But then Momma started holding Mackenzie, and
hugging Dryden & Soleil...
Little Miss decided that she preferred to have
Momma all to herself.

The birthday girl LOVED all of her presents!

Family...the greatest gift of all.

Lily went on "3" wagon rides today!
And she requested all of them.

Lily had an amazing day!  God heard your prayers & desperate pleas, and Miss Lily Grace woke up on her third birthday to Miracle #3...how appropriate!  I knew my little diva had returned as soon as she pointed to her door and asked me to open it so that everyone could see her all dressed up.  The ICU nurses and doctors made a lot of exceptions for us today in order to make Lily's birthday super special for her.  Lily has won the hearts of every single person who has crossed her path.  

Lily's right lung is still collapsed, but slowly making progress.  She is still having a difficult time keeping her oxygen saturation up, but we are hopeful that this will improve over time.  Since Lily was still having such severe arrithmiya's, during rounds last night they decided to doubled her dose of heart failure medicine, and Lily stayed in sinus (normal) rhythm ALL DAY LONG!  Sweet girl's chest tubes are still dumping large quantities of fluid to include large, painful blood clots.  Her tubes need to be stripped every hour, which I am told is extremely painful.  Lily cries the biggest, saddest alligator tears you will ever see.  

Rumor in the ICU is that Lily Grace "might" be moved to the Heart and Kidney Floor tomorrow.  She still has a very long way to go before she can be released from the hospital, but getting out of ICU will be monumental.  Need I remind you of what the Cardiologist fellow said to me the other morning?

Thank you prayer warriors! 
 God has answered.


  1. I'm so happy! Our God is a good God!
    All my love,
    Danielle McGonnell

  2. Thank you for the updates. I know this takes a lot of your time, but it certainly helps me to know what to pray for. Besides that I enjoy the pictures of ALL the members of your precious family. Praying for s great week for all.

  3. I have been praying for Lily form the start and wanted to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!

    Thanking God that He is watching over Lily and all of you.

    God Bless - Cathy, Seattle WA

  4. Aw I'm SO happy to hear she had such a better day and on her BIRTHDAY too! yay Lily! yay God!
    We will continue to pray for her recovery to be smooth and that each day will bring more and more improvements!!!!
    Heart Hugs from Alabama

  5. AMEN!!! Thank you Lord for answering prayers...AGAIN and AGAIN! So glad she had a happy birthday! Love and prayers from SC :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you,
    Oh happy Birthday to you
    May you feel Jesus near,
    everyday of the year.
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Oh happy Birthday to you,
    Have the BEST DAY
    you ever had!!!!

    Happy 3rd Birthday Lily!!!!

    Gina Marie