Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 5 - Lots of Pain

I didn't get a chance to update much today since Miss Lily was in quite a bit of pain all day long.  She wanted Mommy to stay close non-stop, which of course I didn't mind one bit...except for the occasional times when I really had to pee!

The doctors were really pleased with her progress today, and are talking about moving her to the step down floor tomorrow!  My mommy gut instinct has seen some alarming changes to her comfort and breathing, which irritates me when the doctors come in and say, "She looks great!"  I want to scream at them and say, "Well, she doesn't feel great, so can't you do something about that?" 

Of course, I hope that I am wrong.

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  1. Pain control is an essential part of recovery. Do they not realize the huge physiological stress uncontrolled pain puts on her little body that is trying to heal. It sounds like you need to get their attention on this matter. And it may require being firm (if not down right ugly). Been there, done that. In the end, we are the strongest advocate for our children. We are their voice. There is no reason for her not have adequate pain control.