Once Upon A Prayer

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 6 - Early Morning

Lily took a turn for the worse.  Her blood pressure is through the roof and her extremities are freeeeezing, which means the oxygen is not circulating well.  Her sodium is very low and her lactic acid is WAY high too.  Lily's glucose is 38, so they gave her a huge dose of sugar and she is now on a drip (so no food or drink until we get this squared away).  Poor baby is breathing a million miles per minute, and when she wakes she is in great distress.  Thankfully, she is pretty out of it right now.  They just did a chest x-ray, and she has a huge collection of fluid in her lungs.  They are doing a lot of things to her right now, and if this doesn't help, then the breathing tube will need to be reinserted.  

The next several hours are critical.


  1. Know that many are praying for you. I'll be asking God to be with Lily, your family and all concerned medical personnel. May He comfort each of you today.

  2. praying praying praying! God is our great healer!

  3. God is an awesome healer and I pray that he watches over her and gives her the comfort she needs right now...and her family.