Once Upon A Prayer

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Be Positive!

God must have known that I needed a reminder lately...

Lily is scheduled for open heart surgery this upcoming 
Friday, July 13th.
Yes, we chose that date.
Thank goodness we are not superstitious!

Dr. Jonas from the Washington DC National Children's Center will be performing Lily's surgery.  He is world renowned for the Fontan Procedure, which is the surgery Lily will have.  After we submitted our intent to adopt Lily, we had her file reviewed by the team of doctors and surgeons at Children's.  This is backward from what most people do, but Lily was already labeled as "terminal", so what else could they possibly tell us that would have made us change our mind to make her our daughter?  

When we learned about Dr. Jonas, and that he was working out of Children's located only about 40 minutes from our house, we understood why God placed Lily so firmly in our hearts even before she was our daughter.  Dr. Jonas was booked through the summer, except for 3 open dates.  We chose the first available date, in order for Lily to have the surgery she needed well over a year ago. 

If you are new to our blog, then you can read about 
this unimaginable love we had for Lily
here or here and even here...I think you get the point.
Just so there is no confusion, Lily was known as "Juliana" with the adoption agency she was listed with before she became our daughter.
So, here we are 10 months later  from those blog posts, 
and our love for Lily has grown exponentially!  

With that increasing love has come increasing doubt...

What if Lily has a rough surgery?
What if Lily is in the hospital for months?
What if this surgery doesn't help her?
What if she dies?

My mind has been spinning out of control lately.  I have been praying to God for peace and comfort as we approach this upcoming week of
"what ifs".

And then I got the phone call.  The pre-op phone call that is.

Of course we discussed all of the things 
that are up and coming for our family, which are down right 
However, nestled within this conversation
was a Godwink just for me.

I found out that Lily's blood type is B+.
Not only is that MY blood type,
but it is a message straight from God to my heart.

Be Positive!

He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted.
Job 5:9

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  1. Emily,
    I think I felt this way all the way up until Timmy went into surgery. I expected the worst but you are right Be Positive! Our Timmy's heart is at 100% now and he had 5 conditions. I think "heart surgery" on a small child seems so scary but the surgeons are amazing and our GOD is BIG! Hugs to you and we will certainly be praying for Lily!
    Amy Meeker