Once Upon A Prayer

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lily Grace Needs a Miracle!

Lily's open heart surgery went well.

The surgeon said that her heart was just as complex as he 
suspected it would be.

Her unique anatomy posed many challenges for him 
throughout her procedure...our little girl is an over achiever!

After a long afternoon and evening of very irregular heart rhythms
(ranging from 50 to 190), at 11:30pm the cardiologists
decided to paralyze Lily with drugs.

Lily's blood pressure is dangerously low,
and her irregular rhythms are not correcting themselves.
The goal of the paralysis  is to help Lily's body fully rest and heal.

Nitric Oxide gas has also been added to Lily's treatment.

Because of Lily's unique anatomy, the cardiologists continue to
do echocardiograms, and have them reviewed by the team.

The doctors are rallying right now to decide upon their next step.

Lily Grace needs a miracle, 
and I know just the man who can help her out!
So many of you are praying, and your support and love is

Pray Until Something Happens...

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. 
There we will receive his mercy, 
and we will find grace to help us 
when we need it most. 
Hebrews 4:16 NLT


  1. Praying my friend! Gods got it!

  2. HE will sustain you!!!! We are praying continuously....love to you all.

  3. Continually praying through the night for His healing.

  4. I am storming heaven for your family and your sweet Lily Grace! I sat in a PICU praying constantly for 31 days as my son hung in the balance between life and death. He had so many lines they had to invent something to keep them all straight. The Doctors all said if there was ever a child that they said would never leave the PICU alive it was Jeremiah. 2 years later he lays beside me as I type this! GOD IS ABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could come and hug y'all! and bring you a hot home cooked meal as you pray at her bedside! Please know there are those of us in Louisiana and all over I am sure, standing in the gap for you!
    Tami Sisemore

  5. Praying that you will experience God's all-sufficient grace this very hour and rest with great HOPE tonight, Emily! Know that so many are lifting your precious Lily before the throne! You can trust God's heart! Blessings tonight! Lori McCary

  6. Praying through the night! <3

  7. From one Mama of a miracle girl to another....I am praying with all of my heart. Praying for a peaceful night, for huge steps forward tomorrow and more than anything that you will feel the Lord wrapping His arms so tightly around you as He carries you.

  8. Emily,
    My Mom and I are praying for Lily Grace!!! She pointed out to me that she is missing a bow in her hair in this picture and she wondered if she is stressing because she doesn't have one.

    Praying for your family,

  9. Woke up at 3am and felt prompted to begin praying for lily again. I am hoping that you all can feel the prayers storming Heaven for you all. Praying for Gods amazing wonders to be done in such a way that they will know a miracle has taken place. Love and continued prayers from florida....angie

  10. Emily, we have been praying continuously for your sweet Lily and will continue to do so!!

  11. Have called Lily's name before the Almighty's throne. Expecting good things.

  12. I am praying for your sweet Lily Grace! Praying that God will restore her body and touch her heart. Praying for your whole family also.

  13. I am praying so hard for you guys. God CAN do miracles...as he did for us in our car accident. I have been following your blog and I have prayed for you so much. Remeber, God's will WILL be done. I love you guys SO much, and God loves you even more. Tell Lily that her cousins from P.E.I are praying for her. Love ya Junior, Emily, Dryden, Soleil, Mackenzie, And Lily...more than you could ever imagine!
    Danielle M XOXO

  14. Prayers for your girl! God is a God of miracles and I pray for her complete healing and peace for your family!


  15. with tears in my eyes, I send love, peace and prayers for your precious little Lily. GOD is a wonderful father.He will provide.

    Love from another Inner Mongolia momma