Once Upon A Prayer

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 9 - Princess Lily

Every Princess needs a spa day!

Our morning started off with a VERY special gift from a friend.
Thank you Nikki & Roger.
To say that Lily LOVED her new bows and holder
would be a huge understatement!

First, you start with two tubes of Chapstick

A half bottle of lotion

Keep rubbing because a half bottle is A LOT!

Take some deep cleansing breaths because Momma 
says that aromatherapy is good for the soul!

Brush your hair...

And be sure to put on that SMILE!

Such a sweet baby girl <3

Our prayer for Lily tonight, is that she can get her oxygen up and keep it up.  Shortly after our spa party, Lily's oxygen began dropping.  These dips tonight seem to correlate to huge painful blood clots coming out of her chest tubes.  They turned her oxygen up to 2 Liters at 100%, and she is still only saturating in the mid 80's.  Her tired little heart is also fully relying on the pacer tonight, and even with the pacer it is not staying up at the paced rate.  

Praising God for a few smiles and giggles this evening, and trusting Him with His plan for Lily!  Thank you friends, family, and complete strangers for all of the prayers you are sending up on Lily's behalf.  Jacques and I are absolutely blown away and humbled by your love for our family.

A sweet friend of mine, and fellow adoptive mother Karen posted a comment that has been resonating in my ears all day long.  She said that "with all of the people praying all over the world, it sure does make the world seem a lot smaller, and the church seem a lot larger".

Thank you "church" for bridging the gap for our family!


  1. Praying for Lily...Meredith let us know about her so we could be praying! Lifting her up tonight and praying her lung will heal and her heart will be strong and steady!!!!

    We have a heart little boy from China...he has a special God-made heart too! ;)

    Hugs from Alabama....

  2. I linked your blog to mine. I hope you don't mind. We have a 17 month old daughter with a single ventricle and TGA waiting for us in China. As we pray for her, we pray for Lilly. We have learned so much about having faith through the unknown from your brave little girl. Keep fighting Lilly! You are amazing!

    For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

  3. Sweet Lily- this is beautiful. So glad that Lily got to feel like the princess that she is today. Happy, happy birthday to Princess Lily tomorrow..tell her to be watching the mail! :) We are praying specifically for blood clots to just DISAPPEAR and for Lily's tired little heart to get a burst of energy and beat strong on its own!!!

    Hugs and so much love to you all- give all your girls extra hugs from me when you see them tomorrow- they are all so so brave.


  4. I am honored to be among your church family and prayer warriors! I continue to pray for all of you! I love...love.. love the bows and holder they are awesome! God gave some the gift of crafts and inspired some of your church family to bring them to cheer Lilly up! What a blessing! I know it has to being real old being there - allow us to pray that God give your the peace that passes all understanding as we pray for you and your family! Allow God to glorified as others see what he does through your families response to this time in the hospital. God is good and He has this in control. I shall continue to be faithful and pray with the rest of your prayer warriors that Lilly will be healed and home soon!

  5. Such a sweet baby...She is in my prayers every single day. I'm praising God every day for the miracle He's doing in precious little Lily!

  6. She is adorable and I am so glad you brought her home. I too am an adoptive parent and when I brought our youngest home two years she was near death. It is hard having a child with severe medical issues but God chose us to parent them and whit His help we will be able to be the best parent for them. (Hugs) to you and Lily and your older girls and many prayers.

  7. We don't know each other but your family and Lily have been in our daily prayers. We have a 6 year old daughter adopted at 3 1/2 from China. Without fail she prays for Lily and Brooke's heart to be healed by God every night during her bedtime prayers. Find peace in knowing that people that you don't know are praying for you during this time. May God give you that peace while you wait and watch what God has planned for your precious baby girl. I love following your updates on your blog. I love the spa day pictures. So priceless to see the smiles on little Lily's face.

  8. Makes my heart smile! If all the people in the world could see that beautiful smile with all she is going through....they would never be another frown! Still praying for you all!!!

  9. Praying for that sweet beautiful princess Lily! Good job, Mama! She looks great!!! Will be praying and looking for updates.

    Lisa Murphy & family

  10. I've been following your blog for a few weeks and am praying for both Lily and MacKensie (how is MacKensie's ear infection?). They are never far from my mind and prayers as I pray for our little one in China that we are waiting to bring home.
    Love and prayers to your family!

  11. We are so happy to help put a smile on sweet Lily's face. We have fallen in love with her through your blog and hearing Jacques talk about her. She is a very lucky little lady to have two amazing parents, three sweet sisters and a whole lot of people praying for her. I cannot wait to meet Miss Lilly! Thanks for all of the updates. Checking your blog has become part of my daily routine and your story has truly touched our hearts. We continue to pray for your family and silly Lily!