Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Picture is worth...

A Picture is worth a thousand words.

For months, I stared at this photo:

As a matter of fact, I studied every single square inch of this photo.

I made note of the clean floors.
The metal cribs.
The big, blue "boy" shoes.
The mismatched clothes.
The full, sweet cheeks.
The purse lips.
The big eyes.
The jet black hair.

My heart still becomes very full whenever I see photos
of the girls before they were forever in my arms.

Nothing can compare to the way my heart soared 
when Lily described this photo to me over the weekend.

Here was our conversation over this photo:

Lily: "This is Lily!"
Momma: "Yes Lily, this was you in China."
Lily: "Shoes on" (pointing to the shoes in the photo)
"No shoes on" (pointing to her bare toes)
Momma: "Did you like those shoes Lily?"
Lily: "Me no likah those shoes.  Those shoes are owies."

Lily: "This is Lily's bed." (pointing to the crib in the photo)
Momma: "Did you like your China bed Lily?"
Lily: "YES!" (emphatically shaking her head up and down)
"Me no likah my bed." (pointing to her bed upstairs)
"Me likah my China bed."

Lily: "No bow?" (pointing to her head in the photo)
"What haaaaapppened?"
Momma: "You didn't wear bows in China, 
but Momma makes sure you always have a bow now."
Lily: "Lily lovah the bows." (pointing to the bow in her hair)
"Lily lovah my momma."
Momma: "And Momma loves you Lily,
more than you will ever know!"


  1. I suppose there is a like / love button here somewhere - regardless - precious conversation.

  2. I'm just now seeing this update, following seeing Lily's surgery updates, and what a blessing your have been to this child. Praise God you found each other!