Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Good Laugh...

Since my last post was quite heavy, 
I thought everyone could use a good laugh
at Papa Jacques' expense!

In China, many hotel pools require that everyone wears swim caps.
I had heard about this, but forget to warn Jacques,
and didn't think to send him with them.

While Jacques was in Inner Mongolia staying at the Sheraton,
he decided to take Lily swimming.

When he arrived to the pool, he was told that Lily needed
a swim cap.  They had them for sale, but Papa
thought that was just so ridiculous.

So my sweet, beautiful little girl ended up with the "free"
shower cap on her head during her very first 
swimming experience.

 Not looking too thrilled with her new head piece...

I hope she is thinking,
"I bet my mommy would never make me wear this!"

In the end, it looks like Lily had a good time!


  1. Too cute! I wasn't brave enough to take Gracie swimming, but my aunt checked it out and she had to buy a swim cap there. I have some cute pictures of Gracie playing with it!

    I've since learned that she LOVES swimming! We should meet up for a swimming get together once you all are feeling better! I think Gracie and Lily look a little bit alike (it's that IM connection!)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! She can make anything look cute I'm telling you Em! :-)