Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mackenzie's Ears

Today I took Mackenzie to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist in order to have her ears evaluated.  Mackenzie had an untreated ear infection during the month of April, or so I was told by the orphanage staff.  The doctor said that Mackenzie's ears have gone untreated a lot longer than that.  Toward the end of April, her orphanage sent her to the hospital where she stayed in-patient for 8 days.  They released her on the Friday before her Gotcha Day.  On Mackenzie's Gotcha Day, I was handed a severely malnourished, extremely terrified, and very sick little girl.

On our day 2 of being together, Mackenzie's left ear began to bleed.  I called our Pediatrician's office back home, and they told me to take her to the ER.  I was able to convince the doctor to give me an oral antibiotic for her, even though I learned that in China they do not give children oral antibiotics, and that the antibiotic he prescribed is not good for ear infections.  Two days later, Mackenzie's right ear began to bleed.  Everyone assured me that the bleeding was a "good sign" because that meant Mackenzie's eardrums had ruptured and that she would be in less pain.  Mackenzie had several days of high fevers, lots of pus draining from her ears, and of course the blood.

Sweet baby girl...

We arrived home last Friday, and I took Mackenzie into the Pediatrician's office on Saturday.  The nurse took a swab of her ear, and sent it away to be tested.  A few days later I was given the results that Mackenzie has Ecoli and two other resistant forms of bacteria in her ears.  The Pediatrician put Mackenzie on a strong oral antibiotic and topical ear drops to treat the infection.  The ENT told me today that Mackenzie's right eardrum has a gaping hole, and he could not even see into the left eardrum because of the extreme infection.  He filled her left ear with an ointment, and said he wants to see her again in a week.  If the infection has not cleared by next Tuesday, Mackenzie will need to be hospitalized for a week in order for them to administer IV antibiotics.  The doctor has concerns about how much hearing damage has already been done, and how much more will occur as we continue to treat the infection.  Once her infection clears, the doctor also feels that Mackenzie will need surgery to patch the holes in her eardrums.

Perhaps what shocked me the most today, was when the doctor thanked me for "saving" Mackenzie's life.  He told me that because of the severity of her infection, and the fact that she has gaping holes in her eardrums, Mackenzie was only a few weeks away from her untimely death.

Mackenzie has a long road ahead of her.  Her legs and feet are bowed and disfigured from severe Rickets.  Today they attempted to draw her blood in order to determine how much Vitamin D she will need to receive by injection each week.  Unfortunately, Mackenzie's veins are like those of an infant, and after 30 minutes of poking and prodding while my baby girl screamed bloody murder in my lap, I told them they were done trying.  Enough is enough.  On the upside, Mackenzie has already gained 7 pounds in only three weeks, which brings her to the 3rd percentile for weight.  In terms of her height, Mackenzie is no where near even making it onto the charts.  We will also have to work with various specialists to deal with her developmental and speech delays.  The only thing that I can promise this sweet little girl, is that she will never have to do any of this alone...mommy and papa will always be there!

Tonight, as I sit here feeling like the most blessed woman on this planet to have "almost" all of the beds in our house filled with beautiful little girls, I can't help but wonder...
  • How many children will die tonight in their orphanage crib alone because they were not given the medicine they needed?
  • How many children will go to bed tonight with starving tummies?
  •  How many children will never experience unconditional love?
Unfortunately, the answer to all of those questions is...
way too many.

If Jacques and I can do this, so can you!
Please consider blessing your family more than you even thought
possible...and let's get all of these children


  1. Tears streaming down my face as I read this and think of our two...both very malnourished...God placed both of your baby girls with you for a reason, no matter what and I love that. Just as He chose Addisyn and Caleb for us, no.matter.what. I'll be praying for both of your girls. Hugs sweet friend. :)

    1. I am praying for your sweet Addisyn and Caleb, and cannot wait to REJOICE with you when you finally have them in your arms!!!! Hugs to you too :-)

  2. Praying for all of your girls. You are so right, she will never do it alone. She will grow so fast before your eyes. In six months you will look back and say wow she was soooo tiny! Can't wait to watch the miraculous unfold in your home. You should fill all the beds in your home with babies. I think I need more beds.

    1. I would LOVE to fill all of our beds Melissa! And yes, you should definitely get some more beds and fill them :-)

  3. Sweet, sweet Mackenzie. How great is God to work out the timing of your trip to China in HIS plan...even when you had "planned" the perfect timing to be May 18th!!! Absolutely incredible. I'm praying for your sweet baby girls, and joining you in your prayers for the precious children around the world who go to bed tonight hungry, in pain, alone, and scared. Joining you in your fight for them....and yes- let's see ALL those babies find homes. "Now that we have seen...we are RESPONSIBLE!!!!" Love to you all.

  4. Found your blog through Meredith.

    What an amazing story....this brought tears to my eyes.

    I am praying for your sweet Mackenzie.....and for the many children who are still waiting for their {forever} family.

  5. I am with Jennifer. Brought tears to my eyes. You are so right!! There are too many babies out there who will die in their cribs, all alone. It is heart breaking. I pray that our little DTC group can bring forth so much awareness through our stories, and that many people will seee what a true miracle and blessing adoption can be. Thanks for sharing yours. Praying for your children and family, and hoping you and the hubs are feeling better!!!

  6. My heart is breaking thinking about what your sweet Mackenzie has had to endure, and what other children are enduring. *hugs* Thank God she is finally home!

  7. I have no words...wait, yes, I do "my TA cannot come quickly enough!!" I want to go get our daughter and all the other children and bring them home and love on them, and get them PROPER medical care...immediately. I am thanking Jesus that Mackenzie is in great, loving hands now. I have been following your journey on DTC winter FB group as well as here, and I am greatly saddened by so much I just read, but I am also joyful that ONE LESS orphan sits alone waiting. Praise God she is home. {In your case, "two less", amen to that!} God bless you, all.

  8. I just found your blog. We came home with our Shanghai sweetie almost a year ago. She too wasn't (isn't) on the growth charts. She too is about to have surgery on her eardrum because of repeated untreated ear infections in China. And she also has had a Glen/Fontan heart repair. We have a lot in common. I loved finding your blog. Praying the Lord's blessings on your family over the weeks to come. In Christ, Elaine www.thehortonhome.blogspot.com