Once Upon A Prayer

Monday, May 21, 2012

Let The Healing Begin...

We arrived early for our 1st Pediatric Cardiologist appointment 
this morning! They had an awesome place to play, 
but little Mackenzie got nervous as soon as we 
walked in the door.

Lily wasted no time at all having fun with the toys.

Sweet Angel...

And pretty soon, Mackenzie joined right in!

And then, Mommy got in trouble for taking photos...
thank you HIPPA!

They called our name and we headed back to the exam room.
Mackenzie's lips are blue from a sucker...no worries!

Lily didn't miss a beat, and continued her 
artwork on the exam table.

The girls had fun with bubbles
and Mommy snapped more photos 
while no one was looking!

Typically, if Lily does everything first, Mackenzie is fine.
So, the nurse weighed them, took their heights, did EKG's,
and then sent us to the next room over for an Echocardiogram.

The nurse told the technician that Lily was her star patient,
and then my little Empress LOST IT.

The poor guy kept telling me that she needed to stop crying and
stop moving because he could not get the images.

Easier said than done.
Remember I only sing in Chinese...

After 30 minutes of screaming and turning blue,
(both Lily and the technician)
he decided that we would need to come back
for sedation...uuugghhh!

Up next was Mackenzie.

Apparently today Mackenzie decided to be the brave sister.
Her Echo went really well, and we are SUPER
excited to report that her three
congenital heart defects all corrected themselves!!!!

A sweet receptionist who booked their appointments, 
knew their story,and that they were coming today.  
She brought a gift for the girls.
Then, Mommy lost it.

My girls are so very loved.

Look who got brave!!!
Using my ITouch as a cell phone.

Probably calling China :-)

The doctor came in and did an AMAZING job of explaining
everything to us through pictures.  As we knew, Lily's heart is
very complicated.

She has various congenital heart defects,
and her anatomy is all wrong too.
Lily will have a sedated echocardiogram soon, and then she will have 
a heart catheterization.  One month later, she will under go
 her third open heart surgery called the Fontan Procedure.

The Fontan procedure will not completely mend Lily's broken heart,
but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thank you for all of your prayers.
Please keep them coming!!!!


  1. Praise God for MacKenzie's healing!!! Praying for Miss Lily!!! Love your girls to pieces!

  2. so excited to see them getting the care they need!

  3. How wonderful to see they are safe and can get the great care that is needed. Thinking of you all!