Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mighty Mack's Ears

I took Mackenzie back to the ENT today for an ear re-check.
There seems to be minimal to no improvement...
these resistant bacterias sure are pesky.

Mackenzie did great emotionally speaking.
She even let the doctor look in her ears with the microscope.
The doctor determined that Mackenzie will definitely need surgery 
on her right eardrum, but the left one is still to gunky to determine.
He does thinks surgery will be necessary on that one too!

The doctor suctioned out lots of green bacteria gunk...
it was disgusting, trust me.

He decided to fill Mackenzie's ears with another ointment,
and we will re-check the progress again next Thursday.

Please continue to pray that we can kill off these resistant bacterias,
and not need to put Mackenzie in-patient with IV's to do so.

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