Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Marvelous Day

Today we started out at the Six Banyan Pagoda.
The Liurong Temple is a world famous
ancient Buddhist temple
with a long 

Don't the girls look thrilled...ha!

Little peanut, Mackenzie

Lily Grace under a table at the Temple.
I probably should have moved her instead of snapping
a photo...but doesn't she look cute?

Next we went to an art museum, and the girls tolerated it.
We were all hot and sweaty, 
so my photos were of the art, not us.

We caught a taxi cab to Beijing Lu.
The driver was an absolute creeper.  He was chewing on a toothpick,
with a cotton ball up his nose.  He kept yelling occasionally,
maybe even at us!?  The worse part was that he kept
starring at Lily.  She was petrified.
I was ticked.

Papa is so in love...

Kisses from Papa

Lily's 1st Ice Cream Cone...
many more to follow!

Mackenzie's 1st Ice Cream Cone...
amazed that she can now use a spoon!!!!

Lily LOVES to push her Jie Jie (big sister) in the stroller...
and Mackenzie thinks that is pretty cool!

We are so very proud of our sweet Mackenzie Ty.
Just one week ago, this little peanut choked on anything solid
that was put in her mouth.  She had no idea what to do with 
a fork or spoon,and needed to be fed like a little baby bird.  
After studying her little sister Lily for only four days, 
check her out!!!

This little one has "all of me" already

Kelley's Pizza...after Jacques took us on a 3 hour tour of
Guangzhou...aka, we were lost, Kelley was starving!

Jacques is such a tiny eater...mwah ha ha!

Praising God for another marvelous day with 
our new daughters...


  1. They are SOOOOO Beautiful!!! Glad things continue to go well!

  2. Hi I found your blog from the DTC facebook group. I love how you dress the girls alike!!! We are adopting 2 little girls as well (hoping to travel in July) and I already have several sets of matching clothes for them. :) Congrats on your beautiful daughters!!

  3. We can't wait to meet your girls!

  4. Love all your photos and stories... thinking and praying for you guys all throughout the day... how are Mackenzie's ears? Blessings! Patty