Once Upon A Prayer

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shanghai China

After 51 1/2 weeks or praying, planning, and preparing our family
for the arrival of two very special little girls,
the day FINALLY came when we got
to board the airplane for China!

Our first stop, Shanghai, China
birth place to our 
sweet Mackenzie Ty!

Our flight to San Francisco was great and uneventful.
The flight to Shanghai was a completely different story...
The sweet little boy in the row ahead of us screamed and cried 
for about 11 hours of our 13 hour flight.  
The poor little guy broke our hearts 
as he screamed and cried 
and pulled at his ears.

Jacques, Kelley, and I were all painfully aware that this could be us 
very soon on our flight home!

VERY scary thought...please be praying for wonderful
 in-country flights, and
especially our LONG flights home!!!!
Our guide, Sandra met us at the airport and brought us to our hotel.
We ventured out to explore the city of Shanghai and get some dinner...
what an experience!

Three Americans who do not speak Chinese, in a city FULL of people
who do not speak English made for a hugely comical night.

Needless to say, after trying to find a restaurant on our own, 
Jacques ended up with a bowl of mystery meat and noodles 
while Kelley and I settled for a safer option...
McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers!

As embarrassing and at times humiliating as last night was for me,
I am so glad that we got to experience the frustration
of a MAJOR language barrier.

Very soon our little girls will have their world flipped upside.
They will not understand us, 
and we will not understand them.

They will be scared, frustrated, and annoyed
just like we were last night
when we were all severely overtired and just wanted to eat.

This morning I woke up at 5:30am with a case of major excitement.
The mere thought that Mackenzie is only 6 miles from our hotel
has created a level of longing, excitement, and anticipation 
that I have never experienced to this degree
before in my entire life.

We ate breakfast at our hotel, 
and then enjoyed some coffee afterward.
Emily's delicious caramel cappuccino

Kelley's yummy latte

Directly across the street from our hotel is a breathtaking place
called Xujiahui Park...it is so peaceful and serene.

We walked around enjoying the park for a couple of hours.
Jacques spotted a man teaching Tai Chi to a boy.

Before we knew it, Mr. Social, I mean Jacques,
 was over talking to the man in French!

And just wait until Mackenzie sees the photos of her Papa playing
basketball in HER city...super cool!

Our guide took us to Colonial Shanghai where we had tea
at a place called Huxinting Teahouse.
We enoyed the Dragonwell tea, which is what the Queen of England
enjoyed on her trip to this Teahouse.

We relaxed...

Drank tea...

Ate quail eggs...well, let's be honest here, Jacques
ate the quail eggs while Kelley
and I watched.

And laughed at the BIG American trying to get down the stairs!

We ended our evening with a riverboat cruise around Shanghai.

Tomorrow evening Jacques will leave for Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.
We suspect he will meet Lily tomorrow night.
Please pray for our precious baby girl that she will embrace
her Papa's love and feel safe and secure quickly!

Two more sleeps and a wake up until Kelley and I get to meet
Mackenzie Ty...


  1. Yeah! Our trip and the anticipation of being SO CLOSE to gotcha day is still fresh in my memory! You have so much in store for you over the next few days! Enjoy every minute! Sending hugs and prayers for all of you from Michigan!!!


  2. This is all amazing! I love seeing yall finally there. Not much longer. Mcdonalds never tasted so good till China. Lol...I don't even want it at home. Prayers! Can't wait to see them. Much love!

  3. Oh, I know it must be killing you not to run over there and see your girl right this minute!! Love you guys - thanks SO much for posting these pics and letting us be a part of your journey. :)

  4. Awesome. Your husband seems really cool. I love that he got to play hoops while there.

  5. Sounds like you are having an amazing time!! I can't wait to see you with you babies.

  6. Loving learning about your adventures so far. I have been praying for you guys, but was away from the computer. Kai graduated from the Army, Gabriella split her entire chin wide open and lost a tooth, we got our I800, and a ladybug landed on Kai's badge that said "Fouts"... so, God brought us Giavanna's Fouts ladybug while in Lawton, OK. So excited for you guys and am covering you all in prayer.