Once Upon A Prayer

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update on Qiuyan!

If I played the lottery, this would be a very good week for me to buy a ticket!
Today we received an update from Angela at
Lady Bugs and Love
on Qiuyan.

My heart is absolutely soaring, 
and my eyes keep welling up with alligator tears
every time I think about our girls.


Without further ado...the *star* of the day

1. Has Qiuyan had any illnesses lately?

2. Is Qiuyan susceptible to colds, bronchitis, or ear infections?
Since Hu Qiu Yan had surgery, she’s been pretty strong. She doesn’t catch a cold easily. Up to now, she has never had bronchitis or ear infections.

3. Has Qiuyan had a doctor
's visit recently to check on how she responded to the Glenn Procedure?  If so, what did the doctor report?
Right now she is doing really well. She doesn’t get blue or asthma. But when she had a heavy activity, or when the weather is very cold, her lips turn more purplish.

4. How would you describe her personality?
She is active and playful.

5. Does she smile or laugh often?
She has a ready smile and is very affectionate.

6. How was Qiuyan named?
Her name was given by an orphanage staff.

7. What are the meanings of her names?
All the children brought to the institute in 2009 share same last name “Hu”. She was brought to here in fall (Sep 22, 2009), and we hope she will grow up happily and healthily just like a swallow bird, so named her Qiu Yan (a fall swallow).

8. Does Qiuyan have a favorite caregiver, or is she friendly with everyone?
Hu Qiu Yan is very affectionate and likes to act in a charming manner, she calls every A yi Mama with their last name first. Such as Yang Mama, Liu Mama, etc

9. Do you have any information on the day she was found, what she was wearing, and if she had anything with her?
Hu Qiu Yan was found at a hospital. There was a nice person called police and she was sent to the hospital to check her health. After that with all the paperwork done, she was sent to the children’s welfare institute. There was nothing with her.

10. Can you please tell Qiuyan that she has a Mommy, Papa, and three big sisters who all love her very much?
No problem. We have already shared with her as soon as we have this news We told her daddy and mommy are coming to get her in the future. We prepare the children. We hope family can send some pictures to show the child, so her transition will be easier when you come to get her.
11. Her updated measurements:
Height: 88cm; Weight: 12kg; Head: 48cm; Chest: 48cm; Foot: 13cm.
Personality: Lively, playful and likes all kinds of toys.
Hu Qiu Yan loves to chat and play games with nannies. She is very smart. She knows all the nannies names. She calls every nanny mama every time she sees them. She adds the nanny’s last name in front of “mama” Hu Qiu Yan enjoys dress up. She likes little bows on her hair. She shows everyone when she wears it. She would be so happy if you say she looks beautiful! One time, there is a nanny wear a scarf for her. She wouldn’t let anyone take it off. She even wore it to sleep. She can say some words, simple phrases and sentences clearly. Sometimes she would say a lot when she wants to express herself. Very funny. She likes to imitate adults and she is very good at it. She can go up and down stairs on her own. No problem running or jumping. But can’t have too much. She has been pretty healthy since her surgery, seldom gets sick. 

I prayed for this child, 
and the Lord has granted me
what I asked of Him.
I Samuel 1:27 


  1. Emily - This was an awesome week for you!! Getting updates on both your girls. I like your questions, I may have to use those in the future also. It looks like you may have a tom-boy and a girlie girlie with these two.

    She look adorable and I am in tears again. (Happy Ones of course)
    She will be home with her family soon.


  2. Dear Emily; I have been meaning to post for a while but haven't had the time, but now... I found the time. I will start by saying that I am so proud of you, remembering when you first came to VA and your days at ACPD to where you are now it's an amazing journey to say the least! I am so, so happy for you and Jacques that you have found in your hearts to share so much love and care for those 2 little souls, there is no doubt in mind tha the Lord chose you guys to be the parents to those 2 little angels. God bless you and your family, I love you.