Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update on Nianshu!

Today we received an update and new photos of Nianshu
from Angela at Lady Bugs and Love!
The only thing that an adpoting family has to cling to while they wait,
are the teeny tiny glimpses into our child's life
as they wait upon us to bring them home. 

We also had the opportunity to ask 10 questions about Nianshu,
and the orphanage supplied us with the answers.
Thank you to everyone on Facebook who gave me recommendations. 
 As you can see, I took your advice. 

We are so excited to see that our precious little girl is thriving!
I am still in shock at how much she has grown over the past 9 months.
She is still super tiny for her age,
but with a family's love and proper nutrition
we know that she will blossom into the precious child
 that God created her to be! 

Ok...enough about my thoughts. 
I know you all want to see the real *star* Nianshu.

1. Has Nianshu had any illnesses lately?

2. How would you describe her personality?

She is active and outgoing. She is a little boyish. She is a busy girl in her group. She likes to open this, touch that, running around or jump on and off.
3. Do you have any information on the day she was found, what she was wearing, and if she had anything with her?

She was found on a bench/couch in emergency treatment building. She was found by a family of a patient. She was in yellow baby outfit, wrapped by a light color blanket/quilt. There were also some stuff with her: bottle, formula, two sets of cotton-padded clothes, two sweat shirts.  There was a note left with her also.  We will give the family a copy of it on Gotcha Day! 
4. Does she smile or laugh often?

5. What are the meanings of her names?

She was sent to the orphanage in April of 2009. The children entered the orphanage in 2009 share a last name “Zheng”, in April share same first name “Nian”. Shu means a fair maiden or lady.
6. Is Nianshu in the same room as An Yi (her mommy and I are friends)?

They are not in the same room. They are in two different buildings.
7. Does Nianshu have a favorite caregiver, or is she friendly with everyone?

There is a caregiver loves her very much, Nian Shu is very close to her.
8. We would love to request to grow her hair out.  Is that possible?

We have told her caregiver about this.
9. What things does she most like/dislike?

She likes a free place most, so she can play freely. She doesn’t like to stay within rail or crib. She doesn’t like to be told can’t get out and play.
10. Is Nianshu susceptible to colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, or ear infections?

She is susceptible to colds and runny nose in winter. Never be diagnosed pneumonia or ear infection before.
11. Her updated measurements:
Height: 82cm; Weight: 12kg; Head: 44.5cm; Chest: 50cm; Foot:13.5cm; Teeth: 20.
I think I can actually hear her sweet little giggle!

To say that I am in love would be a complete understatement. 
There are no words to describe my love for our precious daughter...no words!


  1. Okay, you've made me cry, Emily!!! And I love it that she's "boyish" - a tomboy for her Papa. :) Thank you for sharing this. I'm so thrilled for you all!

  2. Emily - that is Awesome... she is so precious. I am so happy for your family. And you made me cry also - but they are all HAPPY tears!!