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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Ending?

Happy ending?  End of the story you might think?  Not so fast.

Our adoption agency requested that we write a letter to administration explaining to them why we are wanting to bring home “virtual twins”, and why we believe our family can handle the adoption of a child who has been deemed “terminal”.

Dear AAI Administration,

Our family has been praying for a long time about who we will bring into our family through the miracle of adoption.  We began the adoption process knowing that we would come across children that would melt our hearts, situations that would break our hearts, and challenges that would stretch our hearts.  We have learned so much about who we are through all of this.  We are thrilled beyond belief about our little daughter Nianshu, and we are also pursuing the opportunity to bring Quiyan into our family too.  Many people have asked us why we would choose to adopt a child that faces the odds of survival that Quiyan does.  People have asked us why we would attempt to bring two children home at the same time - especially being so close in age.  In some ways, the answer to those questions is, "We don't know".  There are times in life when you do something because for whatever reason, you believe it is the right thing to do.  Although there are many unknowns, you realize that the righteous live by faith, and you make a decision not because you can predict the outcome, but because you believe so deeply in a cause you are willing to risk a lot for it. 

All of our lives, people have taken risks, demonstrated love, and invested in us and our futures.  They modeled for us that love is not about what you can get, but about what you are willing to give.  We are willing and desperately desire to give a home to this precious girl, Quiyan.  Every human being on the planet - no matter what situation they are born into - deserves to know, feel, and experience unconditional love.  That is what we can give.  We talk with our two girls constantly about life and death, and the reality that even children get sick, face difficulties and sometimes die at a young age.  I can't imagine a better environment for a child facing these obstacles to be adopted into. 

We know that Qiuyan is close in age to our daughter Nianshu that we are already approved to bring home from China.  In our eyes, this is not a negative, but potentially a huge positive.  We see this as an opportunity for our girls to embrace two new sisters.  We see the potential for these girls to help each other adjust and adapt to a new environment and life while having an incredible bond from potentially similar experiences.  We understand fully that we may adopt Quiyan, and that her medical bills may be significant - and then she might die.  However, it would be a far greater tragedy that this precious child might never experience the love and joy of a family who will do everything within their power to shower her with unconditional love and embrace her for all of her days.

Thank you so much for considering offering us this blessing!

Peace and Goodwill,
Jacques and Emily

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