Once Upon A Prayer

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Juliana" is our daughter!

China said "YES" again!
Laura and Mary just called me on a conference call
to say that today we received Pre-Approval
to adopt "Juliana"!

Ladybugs are known as a symbol of good luck in the Chinese community.
In China adoption, it is considered a sign that a referral is imminent
when the adoptive parent sees one. 
While I was on the phone telling my dad the "good news"
a ladybug landed on my window ledge at work.

Today we celebrate the good fortune which has brought us together!

Our youngest daughter, Qiuyan - 27 months old


  1. Praise God! I am so excited! I'm in tears knowing that your baby girls will come home. I prayed and begged for Julianna not to have another surgery without her Mama there to hold her. She will have sisters and a daddy to love her too! God knew who her FAMILY would be before he created her. Congrats to being the mother of FOUR precious girls. I am so amazed at God's divine plan(:

  2. I remember looking at Juliana's file back in September/October and desperately wishing I could adopt her. I was heartbroken to think we couldn't. She's always haunted me. My mom just found this and I'm over the moon that she has a family! I'm so glad you are bringing her into your family! I can't wait to read more of your blog and more about this precious, precious little girl!