Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today we received a referral for a little girl who is currently residing at the Shanghai Central Welfare Institute who has been assigned to our adoption agency's individual list.  Our agency consultant told us that she had several families reviewing her file, but no one had committed to bring her home yet.  We will email her files to an International Adoption Doctor, as well as a Pediatric Cardiologist to see what they say.  I am completely in love with this darling little girl.  And when I say little....I mean little.  Nianshu doesn’t even rank on the growth charts for children in the USA.  On the Chinese children charts, she is in the 3rd percentile.  With both of our girls being in the 100th percentile for height and weight, this will be very new to us!  Jacques and I are praying that God will make it clear to us if Nianshu is our daughter. 

The hard part for me is that if we lock Nianshu’s file, then the chances of us being able to bring home Juliana are slim to none.  After speaking to Juliana’s adoption agency yesterday, the only way that they are willing to help us bring her home is for us to switch to their agency.  *SIGH*

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