Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doctor Reports

The International Adoption Doctor and Cardiologist both contacted us today about Nianshu.  They both had some concerns about her tiny size, as well as why she has widening of her pulmonary artery.  We submitted her files to them since that is what everyone does, and since this is our first adoption, we did too.  However, at the end of the day, I wonder what the doctors would have had to say to make us not want to bring home a specific child? 

When Jacques and I first started out on our adoption journey I figured that we would try to bring home the healthiest child that we possibly could.  When I was pregnant with both of our girls, I prayed without ceasing that God would protect our babies and keep them healthy.  Why wouldn’t we pray for the same thing along our adoption journey?  But as I see the faces of thousands of precious orphans who need a mommy, papa, and siblings to love them, especially if they have medical issues, I start to question my way of thinking. 

Now, I wonder how we could ever say “no”.

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