Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guardian Angel

Tonight I sent an email to Patty, the very first person to have Juliana’s file reviewed by pediatric cardiologists.  Even though Patty and her husband felt that Juliana was not their daughter, Patty is passionate about helping Juliana find her family.  Patty is Juliana’s Guardian Angel here on earth.  I told Patty that God confirmed our feeling that we should stay with our adoption agency by providing us with Nianshu’s referral.  She agreed. 

However, I told Patty that Juliana has not left my mind or heart.  I feel this desperate longing to bring home two!  This is absolutely crazy, I know.  We would literally double our number of children overnight.  Wow.  We are homestudy approved for 2  children.  As soon as we (hopefully) receive PA for our little Nianshu, I will email the adoption agency that Juliana is listed with again, and let them know that we are have pre-approval for another child already with our agency, and see if they will be willing to transfer Juliana's file.  We will do everything within our power and God's will to expedite and bring Juliana "home".

 I have not yet spoken to our adoption agency about Juliana since she and Nianshu are VERY close in age (only 5 months apart).  We will need to discuss "virtual twining" with our consultant, Laura, since our agency typically does not do this.  HOWEVER, our consultant is a wonderful Christian woman, and I am very confident that she would push forward for us to bring home both the girls if the other agency was willing to release her file back to the shared list so that we could "lock" it.  I do know for a fact that our agency is all for us bringing home two children at once, or returning within a year on the same dossier...so the only obstacle I see is the virtual twining.

Oh, and somehow getting Juliana's file over to our agency.  
Minor detail...NOT!

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