Once Upon A Prayer

Friday, February 10, 2012

Update on Lily Grace

This morning I opned my email to a wonderful surprise!

We received an update on our sweet Lily Grace...
our little princess is growing up!

1.       Is Qiu Yan potty trained?
She tells her nanny (Yao <sounds like “your”> Niao Niao) when she needs to go potty. She goes to bathroom and sits on the potty herself. She doesn’t wear diapers any more.

2. Did Director Zhang decide to send Qiu Yan to preschool?
She is not in preschool yet. She is not old enough to go preschool.

3. Has Qiu Yan had any illnesses recently?
She seldom has any illness since her surgery was done.  She catches a cold occasionally.

4. Does Qiu Yan drink out of a bottle?
No. She drinks water out of a cup, but she likes to drink water out of a bottle. She feeds herself with spoon.

5. What is the best way to comfort Qiu Yan when she is upset?
Take her outside makes her very happy. Or you can pick her up and talk with her. She really likes her nanny hold her. Or give her some snacks or toys she likes will also comfort her.

6. What types of toys does Qiu Yan like to play with?
Bright color toys, doll that makes noise, especially likes to put on and take off clothes for her doll.

7. What size clothing is Qiu Yan wearing now?
Underclothes: 60cm; Outfit: shirt 39cm, pants 50cm

8. It appears as if Qiu Yan has crossed eyes in some of her photos.  Does she have any issues with her eyes? 
Her eyes has no problem. Maybe it was because of the angle.

9. Could we please have some recent photos and possibly a video of Qiu Yan?
Yes, see attachment

10. Please tell Qiu Yan that her Mommy and Papa love her so very much, and cannot wait to hug her, cuddle her, and put beautiful bows in her hair!
Yes, we will. We request our staff tells her that her parents are coming to get her soon often. Her daddy and mommy misses Yan (Her nickname) very much. We also show her pictures and introduce family members to her to prepare the child, help the transition.

11. Her updated measurements:
Height: 96cm; Weight: 11kg; Foot: 16cm.

Probably the best surprise of all were 4 short video clips of Lily.
Here is one where she is looking at photos
of HER family!

You can hear her say Mama, Papa, and Jie Jie (big sister).


  1. OH MY WORD!!!!! She is just precious and that voice!!! Darling!

  2. Oh my goodness Emily!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait for you to travel!!

  3. Such a blessing to know that they are indeed showing her your family pictures :) She is gorgeous!


  4. What a wonderful gift. To know that she received your photo book AND has been introduced to it enough to recognize your pictures with the correct names!! Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. What a wonderful update and could she be any cuter??? The video is precious and priceless...what a blessing! LOVE it! :)

  6. That is one cute kid.