Once Upon A Prayer

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

L O A 's and Love in a Box

Our adoption agency called today to say that they
received our LOA's today!

Oh Happy Happy day!!!!

Our agency will overnight us our paperwork, 
and now we can send our
I800 paperwork

It was very fitting that today we also received a package
from Mimi and Bucca (my mom and dad)
with V-Day gifts for Dryden and Soleil
and some adorable gifts for 
Mackenzie & Lily too!

Get ready for a cuteness overload...

 Fleecy coats for Mackenzie & Lily

When Dryden was two years old she coined the term
"down gowns" for jammies that go down
to the ground.  

For Christmas Mimi & Bucca bought the two big girls
down gowns and pegnoir sets!

Today Mackenzie & Lily received their very first 
down gowns and pegnoir sets too!

Oh these little girls are so very loved already!!!!!!


  1. I'm so excited! Two more babies have a wonderful family. Can't wait to see them home and with GREAT MEDICAL CARE(:

  2. Wow! Just read your entire blog, and I am blown away. Love those God-winks ;)

    Congratulations!! CanNOT wait to see your little girls come home :)

    Tasha Robichaux

  3. Congratulations!!!

    OH MY GOODNESS, the dresses...I can NOT wait to see the girls all done up in those outfits together!!!

  4. So in love. Since I am one of four daughters, I know the beauty and blessing of sisters. I can't wait until those four little girls squeeze down the stairs, holding hands, giggling and whispering special sister secrets to each other. I can't wait to stay with Dryden and Soleil when you go to China to bring the girls home. The time I spend with the girls brings me more joy than words can express. Pretty soon the joy is going to double. Can't wait. Mimi

  5. Very exciting for you family! Could you please email me at mlee@coupaide.com? I have a quick donation question for you.

    Matthew Lee

  6. Those are so adorable!! :) Congratulations on your LOA:)!!!

  7. CONGRATS on the LOAs and what adorable outfits...love the matching dressses and coats!