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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hairbows and Wiggly Pants

Dryden and Soleil are about as "girly" as girls can get.  They love pink and purple, prefer to wear dresses, and tutus are a common accessory in our house.  BUT, try as I may, my girls do not like to wear hairbows.  They tell me that they like their hair to be "plain".  My sweet friend Victoria has taught me how to make hairbows, and I really enjoy doing it.  Her two little girls love to wear hairbows, and I don't think I have actually seen them without a beautiful bow upon their heads.  I once asked Victoria how she convinced her girls to wear hairbows and keep them in all day long.  She said it was easy because she told her girls that princesses wear hairbows.  So, I gave her tactic a try with Dryden and her response to me was, "Oh mom please, I have never seen a princess wearing a hairbow".  I took a second look at the Disney princesses, and sure enough not one wears a hairbow.  They all have intricate hairdo's and possibly a ribon headband, but no bows.  Uggghhhh!

Here are Dryden and Soleil's hairbows:

On top of their distaste for hairbows, Dryden and Soleil have recently coined the term "wiggly pants".  What are wiggly pants you might ask?  Wiggly pants are basically any type of pant other than leggings.  If the pants have a waist band or are loose enough for air to sneak up the cuff, then those are wiggly pants.  And you know those cute bootcut or bell bottom pants, well, forget it.

My plan for Mackenzie and Lily is to introduce them to hairbows and wiggly pants while we are still in China before their big sisters can brainwash them.  At least a Momma can dream, right?  So when the waiting becomes more than I can bare, I make the little girls their own hairbows.  And when my arms yearn to hold the weight of my sweet daughters in them, I gather up all of the tiny wiggly pants in our house that never got worn, and excitedly hang them in their closet!

I bought some headbands since Mackenzie hardly has any hair...yet!

Wiggly pants from Naartjie - aren't they cute?

Super duper wiggly pants from Naartjie!


  1. So cute! The super duper wiggly pants are adorable. Can't wait to see pictures of them on Lily and Mackenzie! :)