Once Upon A Prayer

Monday, December 26, 2011

What's in a name?

Jacques and I named the girls about a month ago, 
but waited until Christmas Day to reveal their names.

The Rancourt's are beyond thrilled to introduce to you:

Mackenzie Ty

Little Miss Mackenzie is named after my brother, and very proud Uncle Tyler.  Tyler's nieces are the light in his life, and his excitement oozed on Christmas when he discovered that his third niece was named after him!  Tyler is one of the most joy-filled individuals that we know.  Ty has had many obstacles to overcome in his life, but his awesome positive attitude and persistence have gotten him to where he is today.  We hope and pray that Mackenzie will embody all of her namesake's awesome attributes!

Lily Grace

The name Lily means "hope".  Jacques and I have tremendous hope that Lily will thrive after her third heart surgery.  Many doctors who have reviewed her file warned that she has less than two years to live...and that was 7 months ago.  However, the team of doctors who will be treating Lily as soon as she arrives to the USA are optimistic about her outcome.  It just so happens that one of the world's leading experts in the Fontan procedure is a surgeon at the Washington DC Children's Hospital located only 40 minutes from our house.  He will perform Lily's third heart surgery.  However, our true hope is found in the Almighty Physician...the Lord Jesus Christ.  He knows our little girl's heart inside and out.  We chose the middle name of Grace because it is only by the grace of God that we were able to lock Lily's file and make her our daughter. 

We are so excited for next Christmas when Mackenzie and Lily's stockings will be filled.  The best part of all is that our family's hearts will be filled with love for our newest additions!


  1. Beautiful names and LOVE the meaning behind each of them! :)

  2. Lovely names for two lovely little girls:) We too are adopting a little girl who's final procedure will be the Fontan, and we are too trusting in the Ultimate Healer:) God bless you and Merry Christmas!

  3. Those stockings are adorable, just like your daughters!

  4. What beautiful names! I hope you move right on through the process and bring your girls home in a short period of time.

  5. Hi my name is Rachel and I found your blog through Ann's. We have two daughters from China - one is called Lily and has tricuspid atresia, HLHS, pulmonary hypertension. She has had no surgeries necause of her hypertension. She is being seen at CHOP. We live in Richmond VA. Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. Your family is beautiful - I will be praying for your girls, and following your journey.