Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Long Shot

The adoption agency that Juliana is listed with has a password protected photo album of all the children that are available to their clients for adoption.  I have the password, and check the photo album several times a day, holding my breath each time until I see Juliana's smiling face.

Our agency consultant makes a weekly call to Juliana’s adoption agency, and every time she receives the same news.  She is told that “a family is seriously considering bringing her home”.  Today I wrote our “Letter Of Intent” to adopt Juliana.  Why, you might ask when another family is probably going to bring her home?  I felt like God was urging me to write the request, and have it ready just in case we get the opportunity to lock her file.

It’s a long shot at this point...but it always has been, so nothing has changed! 

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