Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Naughty Mack

For those of you who only know Mackenzie through this blog or Facebook, you may find it hard to believe that despite her sweet and innocent looking face, Mackenzie can be quite Naughty!  For those of you who truly "know" Mighty Mack, right now you are vehemently shaking your head in agreement with me.

After being confined to a metal crib in her orphanage for the first three years and two months of her life, most of Mackenzie's naughty behavior stems from the desire to explore EVERYTHING and ANYTHING all at the same time.  Very early on, Jacques and I learned that in order to keep Mackenzie and the rest of us safe, we would need to figure out a way to slow her down and put her in a timeout that was within our line of sight.  So, when Mackenzie gets out of control, we tell her to sit down and put her hands on her legs.  Perhaps this sounds silly to you, but it works really well for our Mighty Mack.

Yesterday, Mackenzie was being really naughty.  Jacques headed down to our basement to run 5 miles on the treadmill.  He knew he could allow the other three girls to play upstairs in the toy room while he was running, but Mackenzie could not be left unattended.  Jacques put Mackenzie in front of the treadmill where he could see her, and told her to sit still with her hands on her legs.

Within only a few minutes this is what he saw...
Mackenzie fell asleep.
Many times, her head would nod to the side,
and she would lose her balance
nearly falling over.
And then she did fall over,
while staying asleep...
with her hands still on her little legs.
What a precious little pumpkin!
I have to agree with you Mackenzie,
running sure is boring!


  1. okay Em.... I'm going to remember this! "Sitting Still with Hands on legs"..... This can be the trick and very well maybe needed for Bella Xin KaLare LOL We will see how many pic a send you! LOL