Once Upon A Prayer

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cardiology Follow-up

Did you hear Jacques and I screaming
from the rooftops this afternoon?

Lily had a 3 hour Cardiology follow-up appointment today.
She was all smiles when we walked into the office.

However, as soon as they asked her to put on a gown,
my sweet girl freaked out and said,
"Mommy, we gotta get outta here!!!  I need to go home!"

My heart literally twisted in my chest.
No child should ever experience this fear.
After a lot of convincing that we WOULD go home,
Lily finally calmed down.

This is Lily's "you better not keep me here" face...

Here is what the doctor told us:
Her lungs sound CLEAR...
(we left before they read the chest x-ray though)
Her heart still has a little fluid around it...
Her heart function is decent...

Today we discussed some midway and long-term plans for Lily, which as you can imagine is extremely overwhelming.  Jacques and I have A LOT to consider.  However, the goal for right now is to keep her HOME, help her pack on the lbs., and give her body a chance to recover its immune system.  Our family is living for the moment, and enjoying every beautiful second of it!!!

God is the strength of my heart...Psalm 73:26


  1. Oh my goodness that t-shirt is SO precious!! I LOVE it! And I love that she wore it to her appointment!! (Actually her whole outfit was adorable, but the t-shirt was just so perfect!)

    Praying as you guys process from the appointment and live and enjoy each day fully! Praying that Lily stays healthy, gains some good weight, that you get her immune system stronger, and God just gives you guys real clarity as to the best way forward. That's something I'm needing myself personally, so it's something very easy to be faithfully praying for you guys!

  2. So glad her appointment went well/


  3. That girl is so girly...she must be so much fun to dress:) Yes, Jesus is enough for right now...he never runs out of grace or mercy or strength. Lean hard on him...he is for you!

  4. Love Love Love you, Lily~Girl! You are Precious and Jesus holds You in the palm of His Hands. I'm praying for Wisdom & Clarity for your Mama and Daddy.

  5. Praise God! We don't know each other, but I ran into someone who shared about Lily and then told me about your blog. After spending time reading through it and sending an email to Wendy and Brian, I learned that you know the Samuels! I am sure this was not a coincidence and so you have been in my prayers and I hope you don't mind, but I have shared a little with our Orphan Care Ministry at Cherrydale Baptist Church as well. It is a privilege to read all that God is doing in your lives and the lives of your precious children. God bless, Kaari (kaarivasquez@gmail.com)