Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blood Clot

Lily is still in critical condition.  She will remain sedated and intubated.  An echocardiogram this morning showed a large blood clot in Lily's heart.  The surgeons are meeting to discuss the next course of action. If they attempt to dissolve the clot, the risks are high that pieces will dislodge and cause a stroke.  If they leave the clot, Lily also runs the risk that it will dislodge and cause a stroke.  
Right this very moment, Lily is being held in the arms of Jesus.  He knows what is best for her, and loves her more than Jacques and I can even fathom.  We are trusting that His ways are always perfect, and that no matter what He is always good.  Just ask Lily who knows what it means to be deeply loved and cared for by a mommy and Papa.
 Please continue to hope and pray for a miracle with us!
 This is what it means to be loved...


  1. As our home now gets quite and all the family is fast asleep, i shall retreat and lift you ALL up in prayer. My heart aches for this path that you are walking. May God renew your strength and keep his hand upon Lily and the doctors and nurses. Try and rest.
    In Christ our Lord,

  2. We continue to storm the gates of heaven for your daughter!

  3. Thinking of your sweet Lily. Praying for her healing and and peace for your entire family.

  4. I saw your blog link through my friend Jaminoel's facebook. My son developed a clot in his heart following open heart surgery this summer too. I understand what you are going through and am sending many prayers for your comfort and peace in this decision on how to proceed.I am praying for you. 2 Corintians 1:3-11.

  5. May you rest in the arms of Jesus as your sweet girl fights. She has experienced everything by having the love of a family. I pray that Lily fights bravely and that God allows her to overcome. She is absolutely precious and her smiling face and proclamation of love is PRICELESS. God bless you and yours. People everywhere are praying.

    Hugs from another heart (and everything else!) mom in Oregon.

    ~Angie J.