Once Upon A Prayer

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As of today, hundreds of families have reviewed Juliana’s file, and every single family has turned her down since she has the diagnosis of “terminal”.  Our agency consultant called Juliana’s agency today, and she was told that the family who was seriously considering her is still considering.  She was told to call back on Friday. 

Every month, China releases a Shared List of all the children with special needs who are available for adoption.  At the very moment the list is released, adoption agencies all over the world search through the list and “lock” files for their clients to consider.  The family only has 72 hours to proceed with the child’s adoption or else they are sent back to the shared list.  Adoption agencies can also request to have a specific child assigned to their agency for 90 days so that they can try to place that child with one of their families. 

At this point, Juliana has been on her agency’s individual list for 135 days.  My biggest fear is that the CCCWA will remove Juliana from the agency she is with, and then she will end up back on the shared list.  Once Juliana hits the shared list, she will likely bounce from agency to agency and face rejection after rejection. 

The injustice of this all is that JULIANA HAS A FAMILY!  

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