Once Upon A Prayer

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Unsung Heroes!

This blog started out as a journal that I intended to share with Mackenzie and Lily someday about how they became a treasured part of the Rancourt family.  Today, as I look through the blog post titles, this blog has become so much more. 

It is our entire family's journey through times of
and abundant blessings 
that Jacques and I could never have dreamed or imagined.

Today I want to share with you a little about the true unsung heroes of our family...Dryden and Soleil.  The transformations that Jacques and I have seen in these precious little girls over the past year has been nothing short of astounding.  They went from being the center of our attention and affection, to having to share us with two very sick and love needy sisters overnight.  They had become accustomed to being the "Pastor's children" whom everyone fussed over as soon as they stepped foot into worship; to being passed by without a single glance by well intentioned people who were interested in hearing updates on their new little sisters.  With surgeries and long hospital stays, Dryden and Soleil have had to sacrifice their want and often times their need to have mommy and papa available to them.

Soleil is our helper!  She is most happy when she is serving others or giving gifts.  Soleil loves to get her little sisters dressed in the morning and changed into their pajamas at bedtime, which is not always an easy feat when you are dealing with a very independent 3 and 4 year old who like to get dressed by themselves.  I'm excited for Soleil to have the opportunity very soon to help change and dress the new baby, whenever s/he decides to arrive!  Soleil shows great excitement in teaching her little sisters about God, and rejoices every time she asks them, "Do you love God?" and they loudly proclaim, "YES!".  Soleil has been an amazing role model for the little girls, and when you watch her in action with them you can see her love oooze out and help heal the wounds of their broken past.

Dryden is the leader!  You will often find Dryden as the line leader with Mackenzie and Lily trailing her throughout the house dressed up as a "blue princess" and a "pink princess".  Dryden has an amazing imagination just like her papa, which makes playtime so fun and creative for the littles.  Mackenzie and Lily look up to Dryden, and emulate her every move.  The little girls love when Dryden plays school with them, and especially when she reads them books.  She is loving, kind, and gentle.  If Jacques and I are not around, and one of them gets hurt, Dryden is the next person they look to for comfort.  Although Dryden has informed us that if the new baby is a girl she will ignore her since she already has enough little sisters, Jacques and I know this is the farthest thing from the truth!  

This past Sunday, Jacques and I were laughing in the kitchen listening to the four girls playing "orphanage adoption".  The girls were adopting all of their baby dolls from an orphanage, and the sweet (and hilarious) comments coming out of their mouths had us in stitches.  Oh how I wish I had half the concept of abandonment and adoption as they do at their tender ages! 

Mackenzie and Lily truly hit the jackpot 
 when God chose Dryden and Soleil to be their sisters!

‘Truly I tell you, 
whatever you did for one of the least of these
 brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Mathew 25:40


  1. Dear Dryden and Soleil ~
    I want to say "Thank You", for being such loving and caring girls! Both of you are beautiful, inside and out. Jesus is using you to teach your little sisters about love and being part of a family. I want you to know that I think both of you are extra special! And, if God has a refrigerator in Heaven, I think He has your pictures hanging right on the front of it! Love & Hugs to both of you! And, to Mackenzie and Lily, too! ~ Jo

  2. What a beautiful post:) Thank you for sharing Dryden and Soleil's beautiful hearts and souls with us! What special children they truly are:)