Once Upon A Prayer

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Lily's left chest tube that has been in place for 3 weeks now has pulled out and is no longer draining her lung. We are gearing up to head to the procedure room where Lily will be drugged (but not sedated) for them to try to reposition and re-suture her left tube. Lily's right chest tube is full of huge blood clots, so they will also strip and flush her right tube. Lily hates when anyone even breaths near her right side so this is bound to be awful too. I am choosing to be with her even though they recommended that I do not come. This will be very painful and probably horrible to watch as well. Lots of prayers requested!!!

A few hours later:
Not that I need to tell all of you this, but Lily Grace is the bravest, strongest, and sweetest little girl ever!!! The procedure was extremely painful, and the drugs hardly touched the pain. Her tubes are now both repositioned, and she drained a ton more fluid during and immediately after the procedure. Her eyes are still swollen and puffy from screaming and crying, but the nurses showered her with gifts and gummy bears as soon as we wheeled the wagon out of the procedure room. 
Thank you for praying...I only cried a little bit ;-)

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  1. We continue to pray for sweet Lily and you all!